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#OneLessSpark One Less Wildfire


We can prevent the next big wildfire from happening in Spicewood if we work as a team and spread awareness throughout the Community.

Practice these Wildfire Safe Tips and share them with your neighbors! It's a team effort, a wildfire started on your neighbor's property could easily spread to your property and beyond.


Trailer Chains

Make sure your Chains aren't dragging on the roadway. Sparks can start wildfires!


Cigarette Butts

Properly dispose of used cigarettes! Out the car window isn't the right way! Plus it's littering!


Welding/Metal Work

Sparks from Metal Work can start fires! Prep your work area to remove dry grass and have water readily available!



Check your yard before you mow. Hitting rocks or other debris can create sparks!



Make sure your tires are properly inflated and not balding to avoid blowouts. Blowouts put you on your rims and create sparks!

Burn Ban.jpg

Obey Burn Bans

This one's pretty simple, don't burn if there's a burn ban in place. The burn ban is there for a reason.


Outdoor Burning

If there's not a Burn Ban, prepare the area around the burn pile to prevent fire spread. Have a water source readily available.


Outdoor Cooking

Clear the area around where you're cooking. Have water readily available. Fully extinguish the coals when done.



Place your targets in dirt. Don't use metal targets. Lead core bullets are less likely to start a fire. Don't use incendiary ammo.


Vehicles on Grass

Don't park vehicles on the dry grass! Hot parts from the car can make the grass spontaneously combust .


Is your property Wildfire Ready?

Setup a Defensible Space around your house! This space increases the chances of your property surviving a wildfire and improves the safety of the firefighters defending your property.

  • Clear out dead plants and excess debris.

  • Clear the yard, roof, and gutters from dead leaf accumulation.

  • Trim tree branches back from your house and have 6 feet of space between the ground and the first tree branch.

  • Keep the grass mowed down, tall grass can help fire spread.

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