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In November of 2019, the Board of Commissioners established a Fire Prevention Program

for the District. Modern fire and emergency prevention programs are organized

around three major areas of focus:

Nursing Homes, Day Cares and other care facilites.

Both state licensing agencies and insurance companies often require inspections of properties that are used as Nursing Homes, Day Cares and other care facilities. See the button above labeled "Operational Permist and Inspections" for details and schedule our involvement at or call us at 830-693-7136.

School Visits

Early childhood education regarding fire safety is an important aspect of the emergency prevention mission. Presentations are available for ages 5 through 12. October is fire prevention month, so make your plans early by contacting us at or call us at 830-693-7136 ,

Community Outreach

We would like to come to your meetings! If your neighborhood group or community organization would like a presentation regarding the Fire Code, Inspections, General Fire Safety, Evacuation drills or just a question about fire or ems response- let us know. We will gladly line up a speaker. Contact us at or call us at 830-693-7136.

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