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Station 91.jpg

Station 91
Administration and Fire Prevention

Burnet County Spicewood is served by a single Fire Station located at 9805 E State Highway 71 in Spicewood, TX.

The Spicewood station was original built back in the 1970s by the original Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department. The station was added to over the years. In 2013, ESD9 was created, read more on the About ESD9 page. In 2020, Spicewood Fire Rescue replaced the Spicewood Volunteer Fire Department and in 2021 renovations were done to the Fire Station to add a fire suppression system, bunk rooms for paid overnight responders, and administration offices.

Engine 91.jpg

Engine 91

Engine 91 is a Pierce Contender with a capacity of 750 gallons of water. The apparatus serves as the primary response truck for Motor Vehicle Incidents and Structure Fires.

Brush 91.jpg

Brush 91

Brush 91 has a water capacity of 300 gallons and is the primary response vehicle for Brush and Wildland Fires.

Brush 92.jpg

Brush 92

Brush 92 has a water capacity of 300 gallons and is the secondary response vehicle for Brush and Wildland Fires. Brush 92 is also used to respond to Medical calls.

Tender 91.jpg

Tender 91

Tender 91 is a Freightliner that carries 2500 gallons of water. Water Tenders transport water to fires where fire hydrants or other water sources aren't available.

Tender 92.jpg

Tender 92

Tender 92 has a water capacity of 1000 gallons and can transport water to Brush trucks in hard to reach offroad locations where other Tenders can get to. Tender 92 can also serve as a High Water Rescue vehicle.

Tender 93.jpg

Tender 93

Tender 93 has a capacity of 1500 gallons of water.

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