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BCESD9 has adopted the same Outdoor Burning Guidelines

utilized by the State of Texas and Burnet County:


Ref. Outdoor Burning Rule, Title 30,


Texas Administrative Code Section 111.201-221

  1. Register your Outdoor Burn, online

  2. Burning shall begin no earlier than one hour after sunrise and shall be completed no later than one hour before sunset.

  3. A responsible person must stay at the site of the burn at all times while the burn is active.

  4. Have some means to control the burn (water, shovel, equipment).Means of control should be directly related to the size of the burn being conducted.

  5. Clear at least a six (6) foot distance around the burn area by mowing or grading.

  6. Burning shall not be commenced if surface wind speed is predicted to be less than six (6) MPH or greater than twenty-three (23) MPH during the burn period.

  7.  Only natural materials shall be burned. (i.e. tree trimming’s, brush, grass clippings)

  8. Burning must be conducted downwind of or at least 300 feet from any structure containing *sensitive receptors located on adjacent properties unless prior written approval is obtained from the adjacent occupant.

  9. The authority to conduct outdoor burning under this guideline does not exempt or excuse any person responsible from the consequences, damages or injuries resulting from the burning and does not exempt or excuse anyone from complying with all other applicable laws or ordinances, regulations, and orders or governmental entities having jurisdiction, even though the burning is otherwise conducted in compliance with these guidelines.Law enforcement officers may issue warnings and/or citations for outdoor burning violations.

  10. No burning shall be conducted on Red Flag Warning days.

We ask that you register your outdoor burning with the Fire Marshal office.

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